Endorse the Butte County Climate Crisis Resolution

We, the residents of BUTTE COUNTY, are signing this petition to endorse because the climate crisis is already causing immense human suffering right here from the recent Camp Firestorms. We see this happening in California’s wildfires, droughts, Oroville Dam disaster and flooding; and in the many low-income communities and communities of color around the world who have been disproportionately affected by hurricanes, flooding, famine, political instability, and deadly heat waves.

We can’t hide from the truth any longer. The accelerating Climate Crisis and ecological destruction threaten humanity and all life on earth, and current policies promise devastating results. To prevent catastrophe, we need to go all in to restore a safe climate at emergency speed. Following Los Angeles’ decision to study the creation of a Climate Emergency Mobilization Department, we have an incredible opportunity to take action. That’s why we are calling on BUTTE COUNTY to “declare a climate emergency,” and/or “Commit to addressing the climate emergency by creating a climate emergency department.”

Please act as quickly as possible – our children’s future depends on it!

Read the Draft Declaration here!

You can withdraw your support any time along the process and if the final version is not supportable you after the Board of Supervisors give us their feedback.

Anyone who lives in the Supervisors’ districts who are up for election in March 2020’s primary and supports our work, is welcome to visit their offices with us, and speak your support. It is most powerful coming from constituents. We’ll help!

If you are in any Group or Business who may want to partner with us, please give name of group & main contact info and we will ask them. Thank you so much for stepping up in any way you can!

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