The Electrify Everything Campaign

A Clean Energy Awareness & Facilitation Coalition CampaignGOAL:  To achieve 100% electrification of transportation and buildings in the Bay Area and beyond using 100% clean energy.WHAT: We propose to form a coalition of partners to spread the word using the simple-to-communicate catchphrase: “Electrify Everything.”  We will develop:
  • Promotion materials (logo, art, blogs, infographics, swag) to raise awareness, and
  • Resources that will make it easier to adopt the three elements of the campaign.
WHY: Although there is quite a bit of enabling programs in California, people have been slow to adopt all that is available.  This campaign seeks to 1) make people aware of their non-fossil fuel choices for their cars, homes and businesses – their power and space & water heating.  Further, 2) we will strategize together to facilitate the quicker adoption of these solutions.  For example, did you know?…
  • CCA’s make it easy for renters or homeowners to buy 100% renewable energy even if installing solar is not practical for them.  The cost is modest, yet only about 3-4% of customers have opted to buy it.
  • CARB funds a financial assistance program that offers disadvantaged communities grants for EV’s
  • The CEC has the “Doubling Energy Efficiency Savings by 2030” plan, which includes all-electric buildings
 350 Bay Area is spearheading getting the EE campaign going and recruiting partner organizations.The ASK: Groups are asked to participate in the development of content and materials and in the dissemination/publicity of those.Contact: Elena Engel:  415 351-8823 or Rand Wrobel 510 914 2349
350 BA Legislative delegation to Senator Glazer