Interested in an Electric Vehicle?


New to Electric Vehicle technology and not sure where to start? Here are some resources to get you on the road to a clean car.

  • CleanTechnica is an abundant source of EV reviews, comparisons, and real world experiences. As an example, here’s an article comparing the BMW i3, Chevy Bolt and the Nissan LEAF.  Browse their EV Reviews section to become familiar with the different options – and note that they have an entire section on Tesla.
  • PlugInAmerica is a great resource all-around on getting an Electric Car.
  • Electric Vehicles have fallen in price enough that they typically cost less over their lifetime than an equivalent gas driven car. EnergySage is a fun site that covers both EV and solar basics, giving you cost-benefit data. Explore their site, starting with Electric Vehicles 101 and a cost comparison.
  • FleetCarma has a 2108 Battery EV (BEV) range comparison chart. Note: Double-check the information for your specific model (esp. Tesla). If range is really important to you, here’s a British cost per mile of range chart.

See more information on 350 Bay Area’s WIki Clean Transportation topic

Plug In America

Plug In America

Check out Plug In America. It has plenty of information and guidance about Electric Vehicles and how to buy them.

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